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    I have been pretty harsh on MS in recent years for its full-steam ahead / change direction and leave customers in the cold kinda mentality (Win Phone 7 / WP 8.1, Win RT, ect ect) but I must tip my hat to MS support for getting me up and running with a free copy of W10 for my almost 5 year on Asus Vivobook.

    Some background:

    I bought an Asus Vivobook x202e in 2013 from the Microsoft Store and promptly moved to Vietnam. It came with Win 8 and I upgraded it to 8.1 in Vietnam when it was available.

    Fast forward to last month when my original HDD died while installing W10 and I had it replaced with a SATA drive and a pirated version of W10-Enterprise that lacked many components (like Cortana, Edge, many other default programs). I don't know why it wasn't a complete version.

    Anyway, I tried to install the missing programs with no luck. Tried to reload W10 Home via MS website only to be told "Can't install updates. Please contact your administrator".
    I installed Ubuntu but wasn't happy with it. Asus has a recovery disk (USB) that I could have bought for $49 but shipping software to Vietnam can be "problematic". I finally bought from Amazon a download Win 7 product Key for $13.00 that I was trying to install but the link provided wasn't working.

    So, As a last resort before forking over more money for a genuine copy of W10, I decided to just contact MS Support and tell them my troubles.

    And they really came through!

    I chatted online with one of their technical support staff and was up front in saying that I had a pirated copy of Windows 10 and before I could go much further she simply said that she would email me a link to download the W10 Home ISO with instructions on how to install it. Done! I didn't even have to provide her with my Asus serial number or purchase details or anything. I hung up and in my inbox was the link and instructions.

    The installation went smoothly and as planned. I then received all the current updates, enrolled in Windows Insider and got the latest Insider Updates. Now I have basically a new laptop. With the SATA and W10 it runs 5 times faster than before. Happy Camper.

    So I just wanted to say kudos to the MS Support team and say thanks!

    PS - After contacting MS Support again about my "genuine" Win 7 product Key and having them check it, It actually turned out to be a good and valid key! Who Knew?

    Anyone want it?
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