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    Few months ago I noticed that from time to time my taskbar icons blink. It's like refreshing. This happens at random times, when I surf web or browse files. It's just quickly blinks. Often during the blink there is also spinning mouse circle appears for a 1 second. This happens once in 5-10 minutes. Not much, but still, annoying and most important, very distracting when you see them blinking. This is the example of the blinking: https://i.stack.imgur.com/MiDti.gif As I said, blinking is not happening every second like in gif, but something like once in 5 minutes. There is also the same blink when you delete files or emptying recycle bin.

    I did a fresh reinstall of Windows and drivers and the issue is still there.
    I tried my old video card (GTX 1070) to make sure it's not a video card issue - and the blinking is still there (current card is GTX 1080 Ti).
    Tried Safe Mode with networking and noticed blinking too.
    Tried many different settings I found on internet, but none worked.

    Any ideas how to fix it? PC is working very well, it's just that taskbar icons blink every 5 minutes when you surf web, or files in pc... very distracting... I have several PCs with Windows 10, none have this blinking.
    I also noticed that during the blink Windows Explorer usage increases to 0,1-0,2%. There are no programs which uses lots of CPU. All usage is normal.

    I already asked about this issue in maybe 10 forums, but no one knows anything about it.
    08-06-2017 12:48 PM

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