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    Hi there... I'm stuck in my attempt to take advantage of the compatibility with Miracast on my Smart TV.

    Let's see. I have a Desktop Computer built by me. It's an old-fashioned model: an ASUS P5QL motherboard, an Intel Core 2 Duo microprocessor, and a NVIDIA GT 240 video board. It runs Windows 10. My TV mark/model is Phillips 39PFL3508G/77; according to its Web site, it's both compatible with DLNA and Miracast as long as I plug in the WiFi dongle provided in the product box.

    Also I have a Lumia 950 XL phone, and, even though with a big delay, I'm able to use the Continuum function with the foresaid televisor (without needs of the Continuum base). And I'm able to do this even if the televisor is connected to my home network (i.e. my router) through LAN and not WLAN.

    Also, I have a laptop (it runs Windows 10 too) which I conect to my home network through WLAN and, unlike my desktop PC, I am able to make it to see the TV as a Wireless Miracast device (without detriment of making the TV to be detected as a DLNA device too, and casting from certain applications; from this laptop or from the desktop PC, towards the TV). But in spite of being the TV detected as a Miracast device by the laptop, I can't extend the desktop.

    Let's now go back to my desktop PC. I used to have a PCI WLAN board on it, which one day started to malfunction and I had to discard it. My memory fails here, but I barely remember that one time I was able to do something like the situation depicted on my laptop. I managed to make the PC sees the TV as a Miracast device, but I couldn't extend the desktop. Since the foresaid malfunction on the WLAN adapter, I started to connect my network through LAN.

    Before coming here and making this question I've researched for a while. I've found this Microsoft Website link:


    ...where in spite it applies to Windows 8, they basically say it's possible to connect through Miracast by just configuring the system.

    And also I've found this little thread in this very forum:


    ...where someone has told that in order to miracasting FROM a desktop PC, a special video board is needed.

    Anyone who can shed light on me about why I can't miracast from any device?
    08-15-2017 10:14 AM

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