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    First of all, I would really appreciate any help from you guys since this problem is frustrating me for a long time.

    Before I begin I just felt like I should apologize for the long post I just wanted to explain more
    So I thought it would be better to distinguish the detailed info with different font styling.

    [*]My Problem in short:

    My problem is that My PC won't shut down or go to sleep or hibernate after It was ON for a random time( 10min+) it can just reboot and after any reboot or any boot (after I forced the shutdown) just after it I can turn off, sleep hibernate without any problem.
    And this is Happening only on Windows 10 (I tried Windows 8.1 It worked as it supposed to do)

    Detailed Explanation of the problem:
    Since the forum don't allow long text I posted it in Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/GwBtkwnK
    What I tried:
    -Using Windows 8.1 It worked as it supposed to do so it certainly a windows 10 issue.
    -Resetting all power options as default: didn't help.
    -Running the power troubleshooter: didn't help.
    -Turning off "fast startup": nothing.
    -Removed a 4gb Ram stick that I've added when I got the PC thought it was causing the -problem but well it wasn't
    -Running a "chkdsk C: /f /r /x" : no errors.
    -Updating all drivers:: didn't help.
    -Updating and resetting the BIOS: didn't help.
    -Reformating with a new fresh Windows 10 install: didn't help.

    All my driver are up to date and I was on the last version of windows 10 1703 (64bit) and since I just reformatted yesterday now I'm on Windows 10 1511 (64bit) didn' update yet.
    My PC specs:
    Detailed Specs generated with HWiNFO the attached files
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    10-02-2017 11:20 PM

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