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    Looks like the IBM2.0 plan is well under way: https://www.bing.com/cr?IG=C13DE27FD...p=DevEx,5035.1
    10-05-2017 05:36 AM
  2. TechFreak1's Avatar
    What people don't get is that enterprise users fundamentally do not buy top end hardware, can you imagine a company for several thousand people, buying a surface tablet for all their employees?

    Sure, in an ideal scenario every company will have that amount of disposable cash that they can afford to do so without severly impacting their cash flow.

    Not every company makes money every quarter and by undermining consumer confidence not just the surface but Microsoft themselves, they will have pigeon holed into a scenario where companies will only use them for infrastructure (exchange etc) and use ios and android devices.

    Then what happens when Google decides to get in on the infrastructure market because that is the logical growth point for them?

    After all generations would have at that time grown up using google services and to add to that, there is google fibre.

    So all in all this one sided focus on the enterprise by Microsoft will be their undoing.

    They must focus on consumers if they are to retain any form of confidence in their products and services.

    It is due to them undermining consumer confidence, consumers are weary of spending top dollar on Surface products.

    It's the consumers who embraced the surface products and by extension the enterprise sector.

    A buyer for the IT department will only recommend what he or she feels comfortable with and can "sell" to management (obviously taking into account the security, privacy and extensibility aspects) without looking like a dunce.

    AR/VR and quantum computing are several years of becoming widely used through the trickle down affect and more for that to become mainstream, the latter most probably longer due to the security implications.

    As for the register, it says PC execs... whose to say they don't have their own agenda?

    i.e. driving up the stock price so they get more cash for their shares? . I know it sounds cynical however there are just more than two sides to a story.
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    10-05-2017 06:27 AM
  3. anon(5327127)'s Avatar
    MS has only just created a facility for businesses to rent, in bulk, or how many they need, Surface devices.

    This to me means that, as long as sales are there, Surface is going nowhere.

    Basically the articles are a load of bull and click-bait. No-one knows what'll happen in 2019 let alone 2018.
    10-05-2017 08:03 AM

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