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    Asus M5A-99fx pro r2 asus pce56 wifi card in my desktop. Works fine on 15063.674 but I updated 16299.15 and now just a yellow triangle beside it in device manager. I've uninstalled reinstalled uptaed drivers and no help. Even tried another wifi card. Here's the weird thing. My shop PC has been on insiders fast ring all along and when I plug wifi card in it everything's fine. Difference is an Asus 78 series motherboard. I'm a PC tech but can't fix this. I even tried using a different hard drive and installed ISO 16296 and same issue. I really hope it's a thing Microsoft is aware of and will fix ASAP!!!! Since it works on a different PC I'm thinking some kind of driver issue with this certain hardware. Oh it does give code 10 can't start. What if I delete everything in software distribution folder?
    10-10-2017 09:19 PM

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