1. Saini1987's Avatar
    Hi friends,

    I get this screen when the windows boot up:


    Actually, soundmixer.exe was detected as a virus by McAfee antivirus and i accidentally deleted that .exe file from quarantined items from the antivirus. Now its showing this error. Previously , when this file wasn't deleted, the windows was opening two cmd prompts popups and quick access popup on windows bootup.

    Can some one tell me if the soundmixer.exe is actually a virus? If yes how to fix this problem?
    10-15-2017 10:13 AM
  2. DiogoSousa's Avatar
    Yes it's a virus/malware.

    I've posted on another thread minutes ago about this and you can and should use SysInternal's Autoruns for Windows from Mark Russinovich.

    This is a Microsoft tool (included on SysInternals Suite) and you can download it directly here:
    11-28-2017 11:07 AM

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