1. SampathKumar-mobilefan's Avatar
    MS CEO said "why does the people needed the third platform in mobile world" in his book.But why not ?.If people could use other OS like Open source Linux distributions,chrome books other than MAC and WINDOWS PCs then why not in mobile world?

    All the other operating systems in PC 💻 world are serving the people in their own way like Windows and Mac.Similarly Windows mobile served it's people in it's own unique way.

    Is there any rule that mobile tech must be restricted to android and iphones?.Break the dual play!.

    Hoping that MS will definitely come up with a new vision for mobile tech one day and a great revolution breaking the dual play.Because it has seen the two great extremes 1.Once it has occupied almost 60% in the mobile market 2.Now they know their other end. With these things I hope that there are many chances for Windows mobile to make an impact in future..

    Please any one tell your views..
    10-16-2017 01:04 AM
  2. JeevanP's Avatar
    It is always a good option to have another option in your hand. The only change between Mobile OS and desktop OS is that mobile OS is completely dependant on applications where as desktop OS is dependant on browser. It is that simple. Remember there were tons of OS coming into light in 2014 like salfish, WP8, BB10, tizen and Linux. But no one was successful due to lack of app support from major developers. Microsoft did had a golden chance to become the 3rd ecosystem but they couldn't take wise decision like leaving Nokia to release windows phone. Who knows maybe we would have seen very good phones if Nokia was left like that. Maybe we would have seen 3rd iteration of Nokia 1020 by now, who knows.
    10-16-2017 01:49 AM
  3. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    There is no third mobile platform just like there is no third platform on the desktop (Linux being free and still 1% doesn't really count): because developers don't want to support 3 or more platforms, especially if they can get the majority of users on 2. To move from 2 to 3 platforms, developers would need to do 50% more work to achieve exactly the same outcome as they get with 2 currently. If I told you that you needed to work 12 hours per day, 60 hours a week, for the same pay you get today for 40, would that make you happy? I doubt it. Developers are no different.

    Windows and Mac have 99% of the desktop world, and iOS and Android have 99% of the mobile world. Why? Because developers are happiest with 2 platforms to support: it gives options while still minimizing the amount of work they have to do.
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    10-16-2017 04:11 AM
  4. HoosierDaddy's Avatar
    I just assumed everyone knew that "who needs a 3rd platform?" was just sour grapes.
    10-17-2017 10:59 AM
  5. TechFreak1's Avatar
    I could, however frankly I'm just exhausted detailing how foregoing mobile and consumers would be catastrophe for Microsoft. So I'll just paste a link to some of my reasons and thoughts for the sake of expediancy.


    Never the less, the recent surface skins and accessories show that there is light in the tunnel. I hope they expand on that and explore it further as opposed to making an one off attempt like the Surface blades 4 years ago.

    Which was a really neat, you have your surface pro and depending on your situation or environment you could simply switch out the keyboard and a appropriate accessory such as a mixing deck.

    I would love to have a second screen attachment, because that way you could have multiple people working on the same device, for instance your at the coffee shop with your colleagues at lunch and a random comment sparks a brainstorm, so instead of using nap kins and paper - You have your dual screen surface pro.

    Or if you have kids, you can get them to work together on a project using the second screen attachment.

    Or you could have several apps and lecture videos snapped on the main screen and use the second screen to take notes and draw diagrams.

    There are quite alot of uses for a second screen attachment.

    Not to mention this dual screen attachment could be a precursor to something game changing... *cough* something akin to courier *cough*.
    10-17-2017 02:26 PM
  6. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    You are talking about full desktop Windows on a big touch tablet like the surface. That is completely different than what people do with (and want from) a small-screen, pocketable phone. And developers already make many of those things for iOS and Android, but have no interest in making them for WinPhone.
    10-17-2017 04:56 PM

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