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    Hey folks!

    I'm sure many of win10 users have been downloaded the latest Fall CU but some of them still fighting with unknown errors, confusions.

    OS version: Win 10 Home Single Language (64bit only)
    Installed via: Media Creation Tool (ISO)
    ISO file size: 3.55 GB(approx.)
    Download and Installation time: 2.5 hours(approx.)

    I'm going to tell you how to install win10 FCU (build 1709) on your system with ISO.
    Maybe you'll successfully install this update by following these simple steps:
    1. Download latest MCT(Media Creation Tool) from Microsoft official website.
    2. Download ISO on your system via MCT. It will take some time to download(time varies with your internet connection speed).
    3. Open downloaded ISO file, then choose first option(total 3 options there) if you don't want to remove any personal files/data. (I chose first option)
    4. Viola! Now all you need is to be patient for minimum 2.5 hrs(installation time will depend upon your HARDWARE specs).
    5. After Successfully installation of build 1709 (16299.15). You'll need to install cumulative patch via Update settings.

      #Quick Tip:
      If you still get a problem with cumulative patch(KB4043961), then download standalone installer from MS-Catalog by clicking here.
    6. Finally, you've been installed latest version of Win10(16299.19) without any problem.

    Still getting any problem? Don't forget to check this helpful article(s):
    10-18-2017 05:02 AM

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