1. Leontes Henriquez's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I was wondering if I'm the only one suffering from this:
    I installed the FCU and am experiencing choppy UI animations on my PC.
    Everything worked fine during the CU. I run a Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB, with 16GB RAM so no issues there.

    The choppiness only appears when I'm using my dual screen set up, and appears when closing an app (both UWP and non-UWP) and when opening/closing the start menu.

    I rolled back to CU but woke up to the FCU again. I tried reinstalling the Nvidia driver, performed a clean driver install, but it was no help.

    When I go back to primary screen only and then back to dual screen, the choppiness goes away.

    I noticed that when I close an app the 3D graph in the task manager goes to 100%, which might explain the issues.

    Anyone any ideas? Thanks!
    10-29-2017 07:00 AM
  2. Zhenren Zhou's Avatar
    Do you also happen to run a NVMe SSD as your boot drive?

    I was experiencing the same issue after I did a clean installation on my newly purchased NVMe SSD. The problem did occur very frequently when I ran dual screens. The only difference is that my laptop would go BSoD about every 15 minutes. So I did another clean installation of FCU. This time I disconnected my second monitor during the entire process and prevented as much errors as possible when installing drivers. (After my first clean installation on my NVMe SSD, I encountered numerous errors when installing drivers for my laptop.)

    So far, after the second clean installation, the system has run more stably, I never connected my second monitor so I never had the choppy UI animations. but still, there would still be the occasional BSoD, but at a less frequency.
    11-05-2017 09:58 PM

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