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    Hey everyone recently on my Surface Pro 4 when i turn on the battery saver it does nothing now, It is not working for some stupid reason.

    The battery saver use to work and save more battery life before but not now and i don't know why it has stopped working. D: D:

    I have tried troubleshooting and resetting the power plans but that has not fixed it unfortunately. :(

    To be honest the thing that annoyed me the most that i did not get a reason or a explanation from Microsoft why the battery saver has stopped working which it is very very annoying and frustrating!!! D: D:

    For me there is a big big difference of battery life with it on because with the battery saver being turned on working i was able to get a least 4/5 hours on average with screen on time from a full charge 100% to 6%/5% and with it being turned off and not working i am only getting 3 hours and every now and again 4 hours of screen on time at most on a full charge from 100% to 6%/5%.

    And i have only had my Surface Pro 4 for nearly a year now which is the i5 Core/8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage model and i do definitely take very very good take care of my devices!!!

    I really really want to get the battery saver working again and get more battery life on my Surface Pro 4 again!!!

    Honestly problems/bugs Windows like the battery saver has suddenly stopped working for no reason makes me really really glad and happy that i have a iPad Air 2 and i do definitely 100% prefer iOS and iPad over Windows.

    So can anyone help me on how to get the battery saver working again please?? Has anybody had the same problem as me?? If yes then how did you fix it and get the battery saver working again?? And how to avoid/prevent the battery saver not working problem in the future??

    Thanks!!! :)
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    Hi. I have Lenovo Z51 and him works max 2h with full battery. I don't know what is wrong. Bad settings or poor battery? The problem arose from the news.

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