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    I've recently purchased a Samsung 256GB Evo Plus sdxc card to use in my Windows Surface 2017 (i5/4GB)

    As with all scares it comes with exFAT but I plan on formatting for NTFS to give the best flexibility (it will always be in the device)

    I am trying to decide what allocation unit size to use. I have read that some people recommend keeping the allocation size a multiple of (or at a push not too many submultiples of) the 'erase block size', but Samsung will not tell me what this is (they respond that it is proprietary information)

    I am aware of the general thoughts around the size in terms of number of files, size etc - less so the sdcard specifics1

    * Does anyone have recommendations for this specific card?
    * Or general recommendations for sdcards
    * A link to a tool that will display this info under windows (I couldn't find one. Linux in virtual box can't read the device info well enough, hyper-v doesn't get close). The info is in the csd register (I could try building some code, though I develop on java/unix so windows dev new to me)


    Nigel Jones
    02-28-2018 08:42 AM

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