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    Hi a friends desktop Win10 PC started the black screen (like a lot of others) after every update sometime last year. I have trawled lots of forums for a permanent fix but have not found one that works for ever.
    Each time Win 10 updates his PC, it reboots to the sign in screen, you sign in and then get a black screen sometimes with brief window for "personalised settings" then the screen is black and he cannot use the PC.
    The only fix that works on this PC (i have tried a lot) is to CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to call up Task Manager, Run New Task enter Explorer.exe and the PC starts as normal. You can reboot etc and all is OK for several months until the next Win10 update happens and its back to black screen.
    It seems each time there is an update Explorer.exe is missing or corrupted. It does not appear in the list of running tasks until I start it manually. Obviously he is not happy calling me out everytime this happens and wants a permanent fix.
    I am tempted to back up, format C and reinstall the newest version of Win10 I can download from MS, but will this fix the problem? Any ideas greatfully received
    03-11-2018 10:07 AM

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