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    Ever since windows 10 for ARM based devices came to life and windows enthusiasts have been working on bringing this platform to existing mobile devices. This has crossed a major milestone in the last couple of days when a hacker was able to run UEFI boot manager on Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. ( see this article: https://www.windowslatest.com/2018/0...-lumia-950-xl/)
    However, bringing windows 10 mobile through this platform is not as simple as it might appear. Microsoft needs to truly adopt the adaptive operating system approach across devices if it does not want the same fate of windows phone and windows mobile to meet the newly born windows 10 for arm. For simplicity sake, I think microsoft needs to take those major steps if it wants to be taken as a real player in the future of computing:
    First, I think it is important to open the windows 10 platform to the competing market through making it free to install and use. Microsoft must make its profit through the app store just like all the other companies.
    Second, Microsoft needs to take consumers feedback seriously. This feedback hub is a mess and it appears than no information is getting through.
    Third, make Edge a better browser. It's amazing that a major tech company such as microsoft produces a product such as edge. It falls behind with performance and supported features !
    Fourth, adapt windows 10 to different screen sizes. This includes small form factor devices and mobile devices simply because the future of computing is mobile; surface tablets with loud fan noises and short battery life wont cut it. ( there is many concepts of mobile interface for windows 10, so take a look microsoft https://www.behance.net/gallery/6040...obile-Redesign)

    Desktop environments has become secondary to mobile platforms. Microsoft is supporting platforms like android and ios with its product which is not necessary wrong, but it needs to stop killing its own platform in the process because it is its only chance of a coherent approach of connected computing devices.
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    04-13-2018 04:06 AM
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    Hi all, I have been in the market for a cheap-ish 2 in one and looked at the Australian HP site. The majority of devices that meet my budget (<aud800) are chromebooks. Has MS missed yet another marketing boat?
    05-27-2018 05:59 AM
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    Moved to Windows 10.
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    05-27-2018 04:52 PM
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    With me something still blocks it. But I do not know if this has a direct effect on the ARM
    08-03-2018 06:30 PM

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