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    I am on the latest build for insiders and ever since they release the first RTM build for the spring update my SB has been crap. Every morning when I dock my SB it is dead, battery is completely drained. On top of that after it has been restarted while docked and then undocked and re-docked again the USB connect keyboard and mouse no longer work. The only way to bring them back is to reboot the SB which is ridiculous.
    I have played around with the power settings but that doesnt seem to change anything, I currently have it set to go to sleep after 5 when on battery and 10 when plugged in.

    Im almost at my wits end and about to do a clean install but i wanted to put this out here to see if anyone has experienced this as well and hopefully has a solution to this.

    04-30-2018 02:50 PM
  2. AnakoAlbert's Avatar
    Some Complex. I do not know how to help you, but I want to give some advice. You can try.

    1. You can turn on the battery saver mode to save your battery at first, and it can help you to try the next steps. And here is the explain for battery saver mode:

    2. Try to check the USB keyboard and mouse power management settings. Maybe because the computer want to save the power, so it does not allows you to take more battery on the USB devices. In device manager, find the USB keyboard > properties > power management > uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power. After that, see if the USB keyboard and mouse works.

    3. In windows 10, there is a power troubleshooter, if you have any power problems, you can try to use this automatically fixes way: Windows > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Power > Run the troubleshooter.

    4. You said you reset and checked the power option, if it cannot work, you can do a custom power plan and use it as the default power plan. And if you cannot know how to do it, you can follow this article:

    Wish this can help.
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    05-02-2018 10:01 PM

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