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    So Microsoft's annual developer conference, Build 2018, is right around the corner, starting on May 7 in Seattle. The company usually makes some headlines at the show. So I'm hoping we'll see at least one big noteworthy announcement. What are you hoping will be announced at Build? The obvious answer begins with a big ol' A, right? (Andromeda!) But is there anything else?

    Windows Central Senior Writer Zac Bowden recently wrote a good post with his thoughts. Share yours in the thread below.
    05-02-2018 06:53 AM
  2. reomw's Avatar
    UWP File Explorer and literally nothing else.
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    05-05-2018 09:56 AM
  3. Kryvdynn21's Avatar
    UWP file explorer, Core OS talk, and more Cortana OUTSIDE the US (also more effort on/features for Cortana in general)! And lots of PWAs.
    05-05-2018 10:07 AM
  4. anon(10440410)'s Avatar
    This is total dreaming of course, but just for kicks...

    Devices - Rubber hitting the road...
    * Surface One (Andromeda) - the first true pocketable PC
    * Microsoft announces the official $1,000 retail version of HoloLens ($750 educational price)

    PWA - Rubber hitting the road...
    * Citi credit card on stage with their new PWA
    * Intuit on stage with their new Mint PWA
    * United Airlines on stage with their new PWA
    * Wells Fargo bank on stage with their new PWA
    * eTrade on stage with their new PWA
    * Voxer on stage with their new PWA

    AI - Rubber hitting the road...
    * Microsoft announces a new AI "read out loud" feature in the Edge book reader that switches fluently between past & present tense given the context of the story, and a new API in for developers to utilize this their own apps
    * Microsoft announces improved AI driven Translator services which dramatically improves the translation accuracy from English into another language, given the context the words are being used in.

    Cloud - Rubber hitting the road...
    * Microsoft announces an end to the free "trial" for Azure, and instead offers a free tier comparable to GearHost (
    * In conjunction with their new AI driven Translator, Microsoft announces an improved Translation service on Azure which devs can use to translate their apps into multiple languages for emerging markets. (this of course has not just a free "trial" but a free "tier" up to a certain amount of words)

    1st party development - Rubber hitting the road...
    * Microsoft releases a resurrected MS Money - Win 32 version bundled with Office 365, UWP version free for 10.1 inch devices, Cloud version hosted on its very own Azure cloud
    * Microsoft releases a resurrected Encarta built for HoloLens - UWP version that streams updated content from the Azure cloud
    * Microsoft announces that Skype can now send AND receive SMS texts using Skype credits
    * Microsoft announces that Skype can now send and receive Audio messages comparable to Voxer

    A free tee for everyone in attendance -
    * On the front - "(silver windows logo) - BUILD 2018 - Devices & Experiences - (picture of Panos with Andromeda)"
    * On the back - "(silver windows logo) - BUILD 2018 - Cloud & AI - (picture of Nadella with a cloud in his hand)"

    Bottom line... a lot less TALK and a lot more ACTION!
    05-05-2018 10:39 AM
  5. SvenJ's Avatar
    How about a more emphasis on, commitment to, full featured tablet friendly store applications. OneNote is kind of a poster child of what is possible. Lets get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, up to snuff. Wrapping desktop apps in store clothing doesn't cut it. It detracts from the mobility of always connected PCs if you have to carry a keyboard, mouse and 20" monitor along to be able to use the applications on it.
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    05-05-2018 10:55 AM
  6. gamo62's Avatar
    iPhone X2.
    05-05-2018 11:44 AM
  7. FRANCO NACCARI's Avatar
    So Microsoft's annual developer conference, Build 2018, is right around the corner, starting on May 7 in Seattle. The company usually makes some headlines at the show. So I'm hoping we'll see at least one big noteworthy announcement. What are you hoping will be announced at Build? The obvious answer begins with a big ol' A, right? (Andromeda!) But is there anything else?

    Windows Central Senior Writer Zac Bowden recently wrote a good post with his thoughts. Share yours in the thread below.
    Yah..a big A, I feel lost without WM!?
    05-05-2018 11:50 AM
  8. Antonht's Avatar
    I miss the windows phone/tablet friendly design. If Microsoft could have a wrapper for android (a real one, besides the arrow launcher) that would be great.

    Also I would like Cortana being available in Sweden (she doesnt have to speak Swedish tough, but that i could type with the keyboard and use the features that you have in the US would be neat).

    Also like someone else said, improvement to the touch side of windows 10

    I loved the colors of windows 8, so being to choose colors of the tiles in the start would be a neat feature (it would make the start look less sterile).
    05-05-2018 01:01 PM
  9. Roman DeSilva's Avatar
    I've GENUINELY hated Nadella's tenure at Microsoft. He killed Windows Phone. Shrinking a target for developers. He’s let the best features of windows phone LANGUISH. Same with Windows 8.1. Virtually no features carried over. Microsoft has a habit of running from their mistakes instead of learning from them. Which has resulted in Xamarin being their BIGGEST mistake. The proof in that statement is that Microsoft doesn’t even use it themselves. Notice more of their apps are on iOS and Android than windows. Windows 10 as far as their tablet experience has gotten INCREDIBLY STODEGY. I’d like them to not make me hate my Surface Pro when I have it in tablet mode.

    1: From windows phone, transparent live tiles, parallax wallpaper, live folders with labels (keep tile groups), customizable notification sounds, allow apps like Facebook to access my calendar and contacts, the virtual joystick for the onscreen keyboard, a modern file explorer built for touch, remember when you can change the lock screen? Remember next lock screen from Microsoft garage was available for windows phone 1’st. bring that back.

    2: From Windows 8.1, allow me to see what apps I used the most, newly installed, moderately used and never used right from the start screen. Universal share (put it in the action center), back up start screen layout and overall windows settings.

    3: From Android: Bring the team in from Microsoft Launcher to update the start screen. I’d like to see either widgets or exploding live tiles. Bring people, calendar & tasks right up front on the start screen. Update the lock screen so I can see my notifications and quickly launch apps. I’d like 1 thing from the Edge app on android for edge for desktop. I’d like a send to mobile button.

    4: Bring Cortana up to speed. Cortana used to be top tier. She’s lost ground to everyone but Siri. She’s even gotten WORSE now that she can’t identify music. She even lost the ability to scan and identify from windows 8. Allow us to make our own skills for her. Partner with Walmart and Target for shopping. Allow for follow-up request. Build her into skype, pictures, people & outlook. Make something of that partnership with Spotify and allow Cortana to identify music again. Make Cortanas' features universal accross windows devices. It shouldn't matter if i'm on my surface, using an invoke or my xbox.

    5: Bring their apps that they have on iOS and Android to Windows. What the hell is the point of Xamarin if even MICROSOFT DOESN’T USE IT? Why does the Skype app on iOS and Android have add-ins but not the windows version? Why does the mail app suck on windows but the free outlook app for iOS and Android look and perform great? Why can’t I have SwiftKey?

    6: you killed the Microsoft band: fine! Treat Fitbit Ionic and Versa as a platform. Make the Microsoft apps that run on Apple Watch and Google Gear work on them.

    7: Make the stobetter as far as search. Let me search based on price and rating. Let me know when the apps were last updated.
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    05-05-2018 03:34 PM
  10. Drael646464's Avatar
    -I think the main thing I am interested in is cshell/one core -developments. Thats the overall plan - a windows that scales properly and runs on every type of device. Indeed, andromeda, as exciting as that will be, won't be much good without the scaling UI.

    - I keep mentioning this - the store needs a "touch friendly" catergory, and a "stylus ready" catergory - both those will be needed if other device catergories are to grow. You can't just divide stuff into desktop, xbox, mobile and expect that to be sufficient. We need to know the input method, not just the OS/display method.

    -I also keep hoping for an xbox controller overlay, that would allow tablets to play the massive windows backcatalogue of controller games, and would totally give windows tablets the edge over any tablet or phone for gaming. I have no idea why they haven't done this already - they own the rights to the controller after all. Of course it would be better with some kind of haptic feedback, but given the mobile gaming space is growing, and portability is the name of the game, this seems like a no brainer....Can you imagine how many devices would come from such a move? And as a byproduct, new games by developers at build?

    Android will never suffice as a gaming platform. Nor even ios. People don't spend enough cash. If you could find a way to blur the mobile gaming, xbox and desktop markets (where they might actually spend real cash), you could lock down games in a major way and make the other platforms look like poor cousins. Release a switch like device at the same time, running window 10 with an xbox UI, and literally own the gaming market.

    Then eventually when andromeda comes, that can be for gaming, and not just productivity and creativity. It can be like a desktop is, but in your pocket.

    Can you imagine playing desktop games, running adobe products and desktop apps in a device that fits in your pocket but has a decent sized screen? What power user or gamer would then want a regular smartphone?
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    05-06-2018 06:33 AM
  11. Wevenhuis's Avatar
    I don't to expect to hear anything interesting this year on build 2018.

    What I am hoping to hear and see more of is microsoft's clear mission statement of investing and developing for consumers. The are mentioned but vaguely in the same breath as business and enteerprise, making it sound like the consumers are lost in translation. The reality seems to be the case and it is worrysome and not concrete.

    What I want to see are demos and concretes stories of an agenda focussing on finishing half baked features and functions in windows. The new and progressive are nice and inspiriring, we've been spoiled by a lot. But having used several new "functions" over the years, I am noticing the end user experience with regard to fit and finsih and the Quality of finsih is not there. There needs to be a time out. I don't mind trying to get along with new features, but they should be fully baked in functionality and features, and they're not. The latter is scaring me off as windows is becoming a messy below average quality tool. I don't know if I can stand behind that much longer, nor recommend windows to others and work. If the fit and finish was adressed more clearly I would have less of an issue with their progressive mission statement and business model, but it's getting ever flawed today.
    05-06-2018 09:30 AM
  12. anon(10440410)'s Avatar
    One more AI - Rubber hitting the road...

    * Some implementation of all this AI investment they've been making. When we ask Cortana a question she should tell us the answer, rather than just bringing up a website that might have the answer. I'd also like to see her ask follow up questions, like a human, if she doesn't understand where you're heading with something. They could start small, say with movie trivia, since a lot of ppl use their phones or other devices DURING movies now.

    For example here's a dream Cortana demo at BUILD...

    SATYA: "Hey Cortana I'm watching the movie WarGames, what year was that made in again?"

    CORTANA: "WarGames was released in 1983. Is there anything else you'd like to know about it?"

    SATYA: "Yeah, what's the lead actor's name again?"

    CORTANA: "Matthew Broderick. Would you like to know what else he's played in?"

    SATYA: "Sure."

    CORTANA: "Matthew Broderick is best known for his roles in The Producers, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and for the voice of Simba in the Lion King. WarGames also stars Ally Sheedy, would you like to know anything about her?"

    SATYA: "No, I'm good for now. I'd like to get back to the show."

    CORTANA: "OK. Glad to help."

    Now that is a demo that would blow people's minds! And give devs the ability to plug their own apps into that kind of an AI engine via an API and you have devs excited about Windows development again.

    It's all about rubber hitting the road... practical application of abstract principles.
    05-06-2018 11:41 AM
  13. Long Xuyen's Avatar
    One thing only can be good for MS .... Nadella's resignation.
    05-06-2018 01:53 PM
  14. Hubert Hammack's Avatar
    "One thing only can be good for MS .... Nadella's resignation."

    That only shows what a moron you are. Nadella has been fantastic for Microsoft. Take a look at Microsoft's recent quarterly report and their stock price and then compare.

    You people are beyond clueless. Windows Phone was DOA. Microsoft missed the boat. Nadella did the only responsible thing, which was to stop wasting money on a product that was never going to succeed. Ballmer is the reason they failed in mobile.

    As for you jp144, you've got to stop spouting garbage.
    05-07-2018 02:18 PM
  15. anon(10440410)'s Avatar
    One thing only can be good for MS .... Nadella's resignation.
    I have to admit, I thank him for Windows 10, and for Azure. But it's time for him to go. He's sacrificed the MS Store, UWP, Groove, Cortana, Bing, MS Rewards, Band, Kinect, and of course any chance of recovering in mobile at the altar of Azure.

    It's unforgivable. He just needs to go. Make Phil Spencer CEO.
    05-07-2018 11:08 PM
  16. Pacus1x's Avatar
    Is just business after all, those products are not profitable at the end, sure you can blame the lack of interest, the pathetic execution, sheer incompetence and even bad luck but right now MS is riding quite well in the non-consumer market, the shifting is happening and MS tried to enter the consumer market... and it failed.

    Money talks and Nadella is making a lot of it.
    05-07-2018 11:29 PM

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