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    I am heavy Google user. That said I am rocking an iPhone XS Max at the moment so I have been using iCloud Drive along w/ my Google Drive recently. I mainly used Google Drive for backing up my stuff but know I should have it somewhere else for redundancy. So I set out to find one...

    iCloud Drive is basically hosted by Google so not really much redundancy there (eggs in on basket mindset) and also it is gimped forWindows it seems. No progress bar on uploads and the most I can get it to hit is 10-15 Mbps on uploads which is painful. Especially so since I have 1 Gbps up/down at home. Therefore this isn't the best idea for me. I will keep the 200 GB of iCloud Drive for the iOS devices of the family (iPhone / iPad backups and such for them + their photos since the parents don't take much and it is just easier that way) lol.

    So I went to DropBox. They want $99 for 1 TB or $240 for more + their more features. They want to "sync" (like iCloud Drive) files from the Cloud to the PC so you can't really save space (unless on the higher tier) -- so that is no go.

    So I arrived at OneDrive. 1 TB + Office on PC + phone for $70 a year. Wow what a deal. Cheaper for the 1 TB + having Office can't hurt. I bought 1 month of OneDrive to test it out and so far liking it. I went to upload all my stuff and set no limit on speed and it sat around a steady 350-400 Mbps uploading my stuff. Much much better then iCloud Drive. Went to my iPhone and have all my files there. On my Windows 10 machine it was also very nice to simply select all the stuff I just uploaded and hit the "Free up space" to then have it all stay in the cloud and free up my local.

    Oh also since I am kind of a security nut I had to ensure OneDrive was safe. I am glad to see they finally gave consumer OneDrive plans encryption for data-at-rest on their server. That makes me feel better.

    Chances are I will sub to the $70 a year after this month. Just wanted to give Microsoft props on making it a painless process and also I like that you get Office as well :).
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    10-25-2018 12:29 PM
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    I can't imagine how good it must be to have kind of upload speed. I've been uploading 3.82 GB of flac files for 4 hours, and haven't got halfway yet. My upload is 90Kbs! That makes my 1TB of storage difficult to utilize, but down here in Oz, my area has been promised an upgrade in 2020.
    10-28-2018 09:27 PM

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