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  1. fat8893's Avatar
    I want to confess something, so this might be a rather long post to read.

    As I'm sure you know, the support for Windows 10 Mobile (W10M) in terms of security patches will be ended around H2 or Q3 of 2019. It means 2019 will be the final year for Windows 10 Mobile. Some of you may had already abandoned ship and moved to either Android or iOS or even FOSS (e.g. PureOS, Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS, etc.). But despite that, I never think of going back to Android as my daily driver.

    When I first bought a used Nokia Lumia 830 for $20 (honest) back in mid-July 2016, I was completely stunned on how that phone performs, even with just 1GB of RAM. Even my previous Lenovo Android phone doesn't perform that fast, and that's before we even got to the latter's system lag despite having an octa-core processor.

    After using Windows Phone 8.1 for a while, I finally installed W10M for good. It may not perform similarly fast to its predecessor, but I'm still surprised with its performance. I thought that would be that... until I discovered Interop unlock, and that was probably like the icing for the cake. Once I learned on how to Interop the 830, I never look back. It has become my daily driver, until the end of September 2018 where I finally said hello to the W10M flagship I always dreamed of owning one: the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL.

    So why W10M for me?

    • It's not as popular as Android or iOS, so chances of your phone getting attacked and infected by unknown viruses is almost impossible (from my experience anyway).
    • App gap? I'm not feeling the pain of it. I'm not into Trending apps. I don't even do banking on apps either. e-Wallet? So far, I only ever used it like... twice last year, and that was it. Junk cleaning app? There are bucket loads of it in Android, but you never see one in W10M because it's just not necessary.
      Admittedly, the only pain I would feel is Spotify, but even that doesn't really hurt me much since I only spent like a tiny fraction of the time for it when it still worked perfectly well during AU update on my 830.
    • Other than that, it feels like as if I'm using LineageOS itself. I remembered this 'Privacy Guard' setting, where I can actually turn off an app from running in background for real. It is a bliss for me to know that I can do the same thing with W10M, knowing that it wouldn't hurt the battery usage.
    • Talking of privacy, I really like on how you can disable a certain thing like the Location or Contacts or whichever unnecessary without affecting the app usage. Sure that you can do the same in newer Android, but as for much older versions of Android like KitKat and Lollipop? Forget it, you just cannot do anything unless if you are using custom ROM like Cyanogenmod/LineageOS. And don't make mention about app's permission. Why the f**k you need access on Contacts for what is just a junk cleaning app, for crying out loud?!

    The world of Android may keep on evolving thanks to OEM's newer innovative ideas and newer hardwares. If I was forced to have an Android device in the future, I would have any variant of the Motorola Z2 or Z3, just purely for mobile entertainment. But Android as my daily driver and productivity gear? Sorry.
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    01-03-2019 05:07 AM
  2. Adventurer64's Avatar
    I'm not in any hurry to go back to Android. My 950XL is working great! And I have all the apps I need. I just changed a flight on the United app several days ago. Imagine that. I never used many apps on Android anyway. Pandora and IHeart radio work well. I use Groove to listen to my own collection. I have all the news I need. Pin web shortcuts. Love MyRadar. Pin all my stocks. And use W10M Maps when I travel which works great.
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    01-03-2019 08:55 PM
  3. Skywatcher17's Avatar
    I'm sticking with W10M too. Don't really have anything else to add that isn't always said in terms of reasons why, but newsflash to everyone that keeps telling me to "just upgrade to Android/iOS "...there are more of us W10M holdouts! And we are well aware that Android/iOS has more apps, more support, etc. etc. but we stick with Windows because...guess what...we want to despite all that, and it is still a perfectly viable OS for us!
    01-04-2019 01:58 PM
  4. vEEP pEEP's Avatar

    I am looking into Android as well, but I did not know supported ended in 2019 Q3. So I might be using my Alcatel Idol 4S a bit longer.

    Security was never a concern because, right, who is attacking 0.1% of phones? Android - is it really a concern now?

    What about Apple?

    My other concern is useful apps like Uber, WhatsApp, Instagram - if those disappear, I will move.

    Was really hoping more PWAs would come out to help (Uber) but not seeing it.

    It is really nice that people see the value of WP - still hold hope MS will take pity and keep it as a side project for 'fun'. But I know the world runs on money.

    Great post!
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    01-04-2019 03:28 PM
  5. anthonyng's Avatar
    I just upgraded my mom phone from a 640 to a idol4s lol

    though lately she did ask about apps her friends talk about but not too fussed about it

    I'll be using my X3 to the end, even want to buy a 950XL since I had lost mine
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    01-05-2019 05:41 PM
  6. MrockNroll's Avatar
    anthonyng which carrier are you using on your X3? I am on T-Mobile and wonder how it would perform there: Signal strength, wifi calling, visual voicemail Ect. AL
    01-05-2019 06:11 PM
  7. Ryujingt3's Avatar
    This was a good post to read. There will always be those who are happy with W10, and that's fine. I really enjoyed W10M when I was on it. Now I am on Android, I picked Xiaomi to get a stock OS experience (no bloatware) and it's fine for what it does. But Android just doesn't feel as personable as Windows Phone ever did, that's a big difference for me, and turns a phone into a tool, instead of a device I enjoy using.
    01-06-2019 08:12 AM
  8. pteranodon's Avatar
    Microsoft has announced that there will be support until the 10th of December 2019.
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    01-09-2019 12:42 AM
  9. anthonyng's Avatar
    anthonyng which carrier are you using on your X3? I am on T-Mobile and wonder how it would perform there: Signal strength, wifi calling, visual voicemail Ect. AL
    Sorry I'm in Canada on Bell and Rogers networks. Great here but I haven't tried to setup any wifi calling or visual voicemail
    01-09-2019 01:31 AM
  10. J Dubbs's Avatar
    Our family started using Windows phones with the 520's....then worked our way up through the ranks to my wife's Alcatel Idol 4s. We started using Windows phones because of the cheap prices for the 520's, and the live tiles which I think is the main draw for the majority of people. I'm the family tech guy and had to deal with nothing but problems with all the windows phones in the family. I stopped using them after the 520, but the other diehards in the family kept buying those d*mn phones because they knew I'd keep them working. I spent way to much time on the phone with AT&T, Microsoft, and the windows phone recovery tool.

    My wife's the only windows phone user left, and I can't wait for her crappy Idol 4s to die (which it's slowly doing as we speak).

    From our experience the app gap had nothing to do with Windows mobiles downfall..... it was the lousy os experience compared to the competition. Something I see echoed everywhere. And no amount of pretty live tiles can overcome that.

    I will add that I'm still open to trying a device running full windows 10 with phone capabilities if it's pocketable and actually works reliably. But I ain't holding my breath lol.
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    01-31-2019 07:22 AM
  11. Ixia2's Avatar
    I haven't been here for a while...
    I came to Windows along with Nokia, when they abandoned Symbian, I stuck with Nokia/MS for the cameras on the 1020 and 950xl.
    I've had Android tablets and went way too far down the rabbit hole of dodgy sideloads, too much tweaking and ended up with malware, eye raising pop ups and other rubbish.

    Anyway my head has been turned by the new Nokia 9, and alongside of the news that MS are ending support and my 950xl isn't running well, I've decided to give Android another try. Bought a cheap second hand Samsung J5 on Ebay, just to experiment with. Have to confess, I'm suprisingly pleased. I'm running Launcher 10, so still have the start screen that I have always loved, widgets ( throwback to Symbian right there!) work well as live tiles. Everything just works, even have Glance back, which never worked properly on my 950.

    I do have privacy concerns with Google they are very efficient at hoovering up all your info,������ I started the new phone with a new clean Google account and new Gmail, but it has still managed to produce my details from a years old account.

    I will probably stick with Android, though am a bit floored by the Nokia 9 being a limited edition, so not sure what to do there. Have just read the post above about loading full W10 onto a 950xl, my 950 is beyond those type of shenanigans now. I would still be very interested in a full Windows pocket type device/phone, I'd like to say I'm done waiting for the elusive Surface phone, but I'd still easily be lured back.
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    03-02-2019 08:00 AM
  12. RSB54's Avatar
    just in the last few weeks my L650 has begun having issues, very slow, apps not working, connectivity problems, etc. So I'm taking a look at Android ): I had planned to stick with W10m and just get a 950 or something but now that MS will drop support at the end of the year I don't think that is a smart move. I really hate to move off of W10m, I know I will miss it.
    03-06-2019 01:51 PM
  13. IdleMind's Avatar
    I'm sad to report that my HP Elite X3 has died. So I of course called my carrier insurance for a replacement. I was wondering what they were going to give me since the HP Elite X3 has some really unique features for hardware. Being able to dock and use as a Windows 10 desktop PC, multitasking while using continuum, then there's the stuff that really doesn't make it too unique like the B&O speakers, Windows Hello, fingerprint reader, and dual sim. Obviously I'm going to want them to send me a flagship phone as a replacement. Should be getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in the mail today. I really hate to let go of my WP10.
    03-07-2019 10:42 AM
  14. DavidBS1989's Avatar
    Hanging up with my Lumia 950 too, I don't need nothing from Android, so, why change? I love this system, hope Microsoft launch Andromeda soon.
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    03-07-2019 11:16 AM
  15. evilkingteapot's Avatar
    **begin rant**
    They can pry my Windows Phone from my cold dead hands. I'm back to using my Lumia Icon while I wait for my new x3 screen to arrive from China. Don't run over your phone!

    There's a million different valid arguments about why I should just switch, but I'm stubborn and ancient. My main irritation is the need to use an app in the first place. And then I install an app to buy a doughnut online and it wants access to my contacts, and my location, and my browsing history, and my camera. Why? The need for an App thing kind of annoys me for anything other than very specific needs. Do I need an octo-core Snapdragon++++ to redraw my bank balance when I select savings vs. checking from a drop down? Do I need the power of a local processor to handle the ordering of a coffee or some other form of takeout? Sure - I need it for an RDP client or packet capture or a video game or very specific tasks that most people are probably not doing with their phone anyway (I know - the games).

    Some devices won't even let you manage them fully without an app. I'm talking about you Wink hub, and you AmpliFi mesh network. Why? Forget about Windows Phone - why can't I use my laptop and a browser to manage my devices anymore? Why does everything have to be an app - and most of a time a terrible app? If you look at just about any app I've installed on my Android tablet or an iPhone I'm usually screaming not only is this unnecessary but I have to learn a whole different UI just because some designer decided to reinvent the wheel in their app.

    I used a PWA in Edge on the x3 a couple of weeks ago and was blown away by how well it ran other than the fact that it didn't work fully in Edge. I wish they would have just spent some time fixing how PWAs rendered because from a speed perspective it was pretty awesome.

    I just think it's time I get my heart pills because I'm obviously getting too old at this and I feel like I'm shaking my clenched fist at the wind.
    **end rant**
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    03-11-2019 04:36 PM
  16. beman39's Avatar
    so many valid points in your thread, but you also forgot to mention the constant bombardments of intrusive ads that sometimes takes up your whole screen or the multitudes of viruses and key-loggers and access to not only your camera but mics and emails and everything else on your phone... there is "0" privacy with android, now I'm not naive to think WM10 is total privacy consciences, but its NO WHERE near like android... uh uh! no thanks! it blows my mind how people are willing to give up their privacy their whole IDENTITY for some fart apps or the next Instagram app or whatever else is popular nowadays...
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    03-11-2019 10:52 PM
  17. Adventurer64's Avatar
    Every time I turn on my LG V20 to make sure it's still working and run updates I'm reminded how much I despise Android and everything Google. I've been back on W10M since September 2018 and have yet to actually need my V20 I carry in my backpack just in case.
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    03-12-2019 12:22 AM
  18. pteranodon's Avatar
    I used a PWA in Edge on the x3 a couple of weeks ago and was blown away by how well it ran other than the fact that it didn't work fully in Edge. I wish they would have just spent some time fixing how PWAs rendered because from a speed perspective it was pretty awesome.
    What is that PWA? I'd like to try it.
    03-14-2019 01:44 AM
  19. Eugenio Casale1's Avatar
    Hi guys, i'm still rocking my Nokia Lumia 930 Prototype B1 (Property of Nokia) and i will use it untill it dies. From 2014 to 2019, still receiving CU updates. I think this is the best phone ever made, and the more supported i ever had. I tried some androids in these 5 Years (Moto Z, Nokia 8) but still prefer my Lumia 930. Don't ask me why, you already know
    03-30-2019 09:00 AM

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