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    Hello everyone,,,
    I know that this post is going to be controversial. Microsoft confirmed back in 2015 there was going to be no new version of Windows, with Windows 10 getting ongoing continuous support. Windows 10 leaves a lot to be desired. If Microsoft made another version of Windows, or in their next spring or fall update, what would you want from it? Other than general stability fixes, what features or design choices would you want implemented? Two things that immediately come to showbox.bio/ tutuapp.uno/ vidmate.vet/ my mind are apps and design. My post is going to feature mainly on aesthetic and design, but feel free to post in regards to any topic or improvement you want Windows to achieve.

    Apps. The Microsoft store has been home to applications that can be downloaded, but for years, even before Windows 10, the app store has been littered with apps of poor design. Major support is also missing, from companies like Google. Youtube, Gmail, GDrive have been missing and were never implemented into Microsoft Store. These are critical to other platforms such as iOS and Android. With the fact that these are missing along with a poor lack of quality control on the Microsoft Store, makes me think Microsoft has abandoned their platform. Additionally, other than Windows 10 gaming, not many seem to use the app store and prefer to use a company's website, or program. People don't seem to be wanting to use their Windows 10 devices like tablets, as tablet mode functionality isn't great. There was an article recently regarding live tile support seemingly being dead, and this only pushes my point further.

    Design. Windows 10 has evolved in bits and pieces since it's initial announcement to the current day. While it's not hard to find elements of Metro Design from the Windows 8 days, at least Microsoft has acknowledged moving away from it. Fluent Design is a new user interface that Microsoft announced in during Build 2017. They released a concept video, with multiple different concepts focusing on light, depth, motion, material and scale. Initially Microsoft announced fluent design would take form in phases and would roll out development over a few years. This fits into Microsoft's continuous development of Windows 10. Honestly, fluent design doesn't feel like a finished project, nor does Windows 10 with it's design inconsistencies, bugs and more. Not to say Windows 10 isn't a success, because it's a massive one, reaching over 700 million devices. Going back to fluent design, so far we've only seem to have reached the first phase, that being light. Light has been incorporated into Windows 10 since October's Fall Creators Update, along with acrylic being added into parts of the system. It does look better, but not much, comparing to the initial release of the OS. This begs the question, what is taking so long to finalize and implement fluent design? Looking at fluent design, while what Microsoft conceptualized seems appealing, it still doesn't appear rather sleek. Windows 10 still reeks of Windows 8's metro design by having large areas and apps meant for touchscreen and tablet users, leaving a lot of empty space for mouse and keyboard users. While Microsoft is working on condensing empty space depending on what platform you're using Windows 10 on, it's implementation is is slow and flat. While I am excited for the final release of fluent design, Microsoft's approach to design within it's apps is poor. Many apps appear flat, with either a light background or a deep black background that shows a basic layout, with a lot to be desired.

    While I criticized Windows 10, I like it a lot. These are just areas where I feel Microsoft should push further towards making the system greater. I am hopeful for the future of Windows' aesthetic, but for now, Windows 10 could be greater. What features or design would you want to come to Windows and why? I look forward to your responses. I really admire Windows and want to see it evolve into something truly exceptional.
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    However, Windows 8 is failed due to UI isn't desktop-friendly and more focused on tablets than PCs.
    02-10-2019 02:23 AM

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