1. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    Screen resolution for running metro apps and for snapping (multi-tasking) metro apps is different. You need much better screen res for multi tasking. I'm partially regretting upgrading to Windows 8 as one of the key features is how well it can multi-task. But I cannot snap my apps due to old screen resolution on my laptop. Of course its only me to be blamed who did not realise how awesome and crucial snap app feature is.

    Please make sure you understand that multi-tasking WON'T work for smaller resolution screen even though you can run metro-apps.
    10-28-2012 03:10 PM
  2. Knight018's Avatar
    That sucks, but it's true 1366x768 is now required for the snapping functionality to work properly. It's actually a system requirement of Windows 8, but it seems from your experience that it doesn't stop you from installing Windows 8 if your system doesn't meet the screen resolution requirement. There might me some third party apps online that add the snapping functionality to XP that you could possibly use to make it work properly at least in desktop mode, but I'm not sure, just a suggestion.
    10-28-2012 03:38 PM
  3. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    Yeah, the upgrade assistant is really clever though, it warned me about "Snap apps won't work on your PC" but I did not really think it through and purchased the upgrade anyway. I installed it and ran it and love it really. But then it is SO annoying when you cannot multitask. Even Windows 7 allowed to put windows side by side to do two stuff at the same time and am very used to it. But without snap apps, this Metro UI is more or less useless for me other than just looking pretty. I really wish someone could exploit the possibility and add the functionality to small screen resolutions. That is the only way old Windows 7 can actually enjoy Windows 8 upgrade.

    MSFT claims that this can run on PCs as old as those running XPs but they don't mention that most likely those older PCs may not have this optimal resolution and even though we can run metro apps, we can't multitask. This is like Windows Phone 7 for me all over again :(
    10-28-2012 03:44 PM