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    I've been using Windows Phone 7 since 2010 and have my contacts synced to my Microsoft account (still called Window Live on WP7). I just installed Windows 8 on my desktop PC, using my same Microsoft account to sign in.

    The People app is missing tons of info for my contacts. Names for some contacts have reverted to old MSN screen names instead of the proper first/last name that I had changed them to in my phone ages ago. Many of my contacts are missing phone numbers or other fields.

    I re-edited the contacts in the People app to fix the names, but now when I look at the contacts on my phone or PC, I can see that these contacts have 2 linked profiles with the same name (both listed under Hotmail on PC and Windows Live on phone). I guess editing the contacts on the W8 People app actually generated new contacts and linked them to the existing, leaving a mess of duplicate contacts. I guess they're at least they're linked, but it's not very organized.

    I haven't added back the missing phone numbers (will that generate yet another contact?) as the whole point of syncing contacts should be that I don't have to duplicate my effort everywhere. I could maybe understand some issues with Google/Facebook contacts, etc. but I'm using the Microsoft ecosystem so I expect everything to play nice.

    This is making me very skeptical of trusting "the cloud" with my data. Contact info is such a basic thing, so I don't have a lot of faith when it comes to things like backing up all of my text messages if I get a WP8 device, etc.

    I also can't see any way to add pictures in People on the PC, so most of the contacts there have no picture (not synced from the phone), or old MSN pictures that contain random images. Why, oh why, can't I sync contact pictures across phone/PC/cloud?
    11-01-2012 10:11 AM