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    so here is my situation

    I have a windows desktop PC that is running Vista 32 bit. I am planning to install Win 8 Pro 64 bit using the upgrade option. I am going to buy the Win 8 upgrade DVD from Amazon as it's $55 but with $25 credit (expires Feb 2013).

    I also want to install the Win 8 using the new SSD I just bought and plan to keep the Vista 32 bit that is installed on a separate traditional HD.

    I read through several topics about this and I found that I need to have a qualifying Windows so I can install Win 8 successfully on a new SSD. However I find that once the Win 8 is upgraded, the Vista S/N will no longer works (but I still want to keep the Vista that is on separate HD so if I want to boot a different OS, I just swap the HD). Fortunately I have a 8 years old laptop that I no longer want to use because it's old and it has a Win XP Pro valid CD key

    Now, what is easiest way to clean install Win 8 as I still want to use the Vista 32 bit?
    1. install a new XP Pro first on a new SSD using the laptop XP Pro CD key then clean install Win 8?
    2. is it possible to just clean install Win 8 in new SSD and upon prompted, just entered my valid XP Pro CD key and then my win 8 key?
    3. take out the HD of the laptop, mount it on my desktop, then install my SSD at the same time (so now I have 2 HDD on my desktop). Upon prompted, Win 8 would recognize that I have a qualifying product (the laptop HD), but is it possible to install the Win 8 on the new SSD (and not on the same drive as the laptop drive)? I read that I have to reformat the same drive and I do not want that. Here is the link where I read it

    I want the less amount of work as possible. Way #1 is taking a lot of time as I have to install XP first. Way # 2 is the easiest, but is it possible? Way # 3 is the second easiest, but is it possible to install on a new SSD?

    11-22-2012 07:57 PM
  2. cedarlog's Avatar
    i bought upgrade dvd from local store and i had the option to format / select partition to install
    its working without any issue :)
    11-26-2012 12:32 AM

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