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    Hey so I don't know if this issue has occurred to anyone else, and I've searched it without finding out anything to help me

    Anyways to start.
    I won a Alienware Aurora R3 (Edition 3), and it took me a lot of effort to install windows 8 on my computer due to the customized dell BIOS that the computer has. Fortunately I was able to install the OS without the ability to restart my system which is fine with me.
    However recently I've been having an error where some of my apps on the computer (the ones I use most as well) won't run anymore, I click them and immediately they close. All the apps work on my Lenovo laptop but I'd like them to work on here too.

    Anyway have any suggestions that could help me with this issue?
    02-26-2013 04:39 PM

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