1. vlad0's Avatar
    I just finished reading anandtech's article on AMD's new Jaguar architecture, and it made me realize that we are about to see a pretty significant reduction in power consumption on x86, which is very good news for Microsoft overall.

    Most of the complaints about the Win 8 PRO hybrids/tablets has been either low performance (atom based), or low battery life (Intel Core based) ..

    Take a look at this:

    I don't think any of these need active cooling, but the A4-1200 tops at 3.9W TDP, and that is pretty much iPad form factor territory..

    I am not sure how these will compare to the current Atom chips, but I doubt that they will be any slower. The AMD chips should also be cheaper than the Intel equivalent, which is essential for the tablet/hybrid market.

    Let's hope that OEMs are willing to use AMD.. I am looking forward to Computex!

    With that, and Intel's Haswell and Silvermont (baytrail) coming along as well... we are in for some really cool machines.
    05-23-2013 06:49 PM
  2. _Emi_'s Avatar
    well the problem is: AMD is not Intel so it wouldn't make any difference when most OEMs would want to use intel over AMD.
    I like AMD and I wish they would succeed but it sounds hard knowing oems and Intel is going to be the first choice for pc/tablet oems, even if these AMD tech is better than atoms one, and atom is slower and crappy with worse gpu, im sure they would use Intel one first which is sad.

    But AMD is at fault as well, I like them but they don't seem to bring the best they can. and some days ago I read they "opened the door to android OS" instead of focusing in make their processor better than intel in windows (which is more used than android) they start saying silly things about opening the door to an OS that is mostly on ARM processor when they should really start working and trying to push innovation fast! not start talking about android like if it had a real future in pcs and tablets, ugh well not a future like Windows 8/RT has a least.
    05-30-2013 01:57 PM

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