1. iloveamystery's Avatar
    I'm not sure if this is the most appropriate place, but here is my issue.

    My Outlook.com account, in both the Windows 8 mail app and Windows Phone 8 email app, appears to keep a copy of an email in my inbox when I move it to a folder. I have threaded viewing turned on, so I can see that there appears to be two versions of the same email once I expand the email thread. One of the emails shows it's located in the folder, and the other shows it's in the inbox. If I try to delete the inbox version, it goes away but returns once I sync. The emails don't appear this way on the Outlook.com Web site, only in those two apps I mentioned earlier.

    I'm not certain it's duplication. If it were I feel like, in the case of me deleting the 'copy,' it would stay deleted; they appear to be linked somehow. This just started happening a couple of weeks ago and only seems to happen for my MS account, not my Gmail or school email accounts. I can't remember having changed any settings recently.

    An example is below. Those two emails at the bottom are the same email, and the top is just the 'thread.' This view is of the inbox, which is where the highlighted email is. If I move either or both to the folder again, they will temporarily move until I sync again, and then they're back. It appears that if I delete them, they would stay deleted. Again, these emails are not in my inbox on the Web site. Does anyone have any ideas?


    Update: I ended up getting the specific emails I wanted out of the inbox moved on the W8 client, but they're still there on WP8. I feel like I just got lucky in getting them to move this time.
    06-27-2013 09:06 PM
  2. stmav's Avatar
    How are you moving it to a folder? I use the sweep function a lot to move mail from the inbox to other folders, no duplicates at all.
    06-28-2013 09:04 AM
  3. iloveamystery's Avatar
    Well, I move some to the folders on Windows Phone, some on W8 mail app, and some on the Web site, so I can't always rely on sweeping since it's not a feature of the apps. I'll give it a shot, though, thanks.

    I haven't had this issue until recently, so i feel like something must have inadvertently changed.
    06-28-2013 10:04 AM
  4. gsquared's Avatar
    Its a sync issue. Nothing to worry over.
    06-28-2013 10:28 AM

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