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    Hey, guys, got a slight problem with Windows 8.1. I upgraded my parents' laptop the other day and it's gone smoothly for the most part. Occasionally some behaviours that my mother didn't like appeared (or reappeared), but I was able to fix them easily enough. This latest one, though, doesn't seem so simple.

    See, one of my mother's recent hobbies is researching our family history, and there's this one photo she has of a large group shot. Now, apparently, in Windows 8, viewing the image in the Photos app also brought up a small notes/description section containing the names of everyone in the image.

    In Windows 8.1, however, this feature seems to have disappeared. Now, I was never aware of this feature in the first place, but if anyone here is, and knows how to get it back (if it can be done at all), please tell me.
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