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    Big weekend in a Number of Zune ways:

    1. I filled my 32GB ZHD to the hilt and have now set that to sync manually.
    2. I passed 30,000 plays on my Zune Pass at 11 months.
    3. I received an email from Microsoft yesterday advising me that, a month from today, my annual pass will be automatically renewed at the $149.90 rate, unless I say Not (:giggle:).

    Sweet... and tomorrow I get 10 more song credits. :blush:

    So, how many plays are youZ fellow-musicmen and women on these days?

    BTW, 32GB translates to 4931 tracks, with very little else on that Zune. Most music has been downloaded; for unavailable albums, I have ripped at 256 Kbps.
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