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  1. MattLFC's Avatar
    Tried to put an album on my phone using Zune earlier, dragged and dropped as normal, all looked okay, got into the car and all my albums have disappeared.

    The sooner Microsoft put Zune out of its misery, the better IMHO. Awful piece of software, and just as I was beginning to think its not so bad...
    06-06-2012 06:58 PM
  2. J4rrod's Avatar
    Never had a single problem with Zune since '07.

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    06-06-2012 07:02 PM
  3. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    What version of Windows are you running?

    What error codes are you seeing?
    06-06-2012 07:16 PM
  4. 11B1P's Avatar
    just made a playlist a couple days ago, put it on my Trophy no problem. I haven't had any problems putting music on my Zune HD or Trophy.
    06-06-2012 07:49 PM
  5. MattLFC's Avatar
    No error codes, just appeared to work as normal, and then when I went into albums etc on the phones, its actually wiped EVERYTHING!! Microsoft really do need to get rid of this ****e for the sake of WP. Looking through these forums, it seems the software has multiple problems, loss poor for a company like MS if they are actually serious about the future of Windows Phone.
    06-06-2012 08:22 PM
  6. MattLFC's Avatar
    Just tried again, and it's worked this time. Doesn't change the fact it wiped every album off my phone though. Thank god I had my MP3 player in the car; actually I ended up using Nokia Music, but I think from now on, I'll stick to using the MP3 player for songs.

    Funny how a Chinese colour screened 3.68 4GB MP3 player from PC World of all places that probably made 1p profit, is more reliable than a phone running a piece of software that the biggest software company in the world has developed, and users pay 400+ for (Lumia 900)...

    If the device wasn't built to handle music, fair do's, but it's supposed to. Don't recall having a single problem in all the years I was using Media Player in WinMo... Zune, fancy looks, crock of ****, Windows Media Player for WinMo, boring looks, but simply works.
    06-06-2012 08:47 PM
  7. greensea's Avatar
    it usually copied what i downloaded from the phone to the laptop and sync new contents if i set it to auto. i have a zune pass and around 50gb of music. zune works well. for non zune pass content i just edit metadata with mp3tag, drop the folder in one monitored by zune. zune detects and sync automatically the next time i connect or drag and drop.
    it will delete from the phone if you if it's set to auto sync and the album is not in zune I think. don't know.
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    06-06-2012 09:27 PM
  8. jimski's Avatar
    Zune works great for me. And Zune Pass is fantastic. Maybe you should check the steps you took when you lost everything.

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    06-06-2012 10:48 PM
  9. MattLFC's Avatar
    Why does everyone think I'm somehow to blame? I took the same steps as I always do, and it was Zune that decided to remove the music. I never did anything, apart from drag and drop to Zune, and then drop to the phone. Quit trying to excuse this pathetic piece of software... you know it's rated by most users as awful/tedious to use, geeze, you lot are worse than iOS fanbois.

    Microsoft can do no wrong, Zune is the greatest thing since bread was sliced, and anyone who doubts it is in the wrong.

    Knowing a fair few people with WP devices now, the big complaint I've been getting after recommending Windows Phone, is the fact they have to use Zune. But of course, we're all wrong. Because WPfanboisCentral said so!! And there was me thinking WP users we're a bit more intelligent than the usual sheep you find on iOS forums...
    06-07-2012 02:16 AM
  10. greensea's Avatar
    :) I think they will kill it but that was how I managed my music anyway.

    you might want to add that it doesn't support audiobooks to the list but there is work around :D
    06-07-2012 04:26 AM