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    As you may all know, you can only have a limit of up to 4 Zune Pass-capable devices, with 1 reserved to your Xbox 360 console if you have one (Zune HDs, Windows Phones, PCs and Xbox 360s). If you ever max out your limit to 4 devices tied to your Live account with Zune Pass, you will have to wait 30 days in order to remove 1 device. Yes, that's 1 device every 30 days (excluding Xbox 360).

    Refer to this image:

    Using Zune Music Pass on your computers and devices |

    So anyway, if you've reached the 4 max devices, you may do the amazing "future-time-trigger" trick. This is where you just basically adjust your computers date a day or two ahead (just to be on the safe zone because you won't be able to sign in to your account if the set date is way out or past 30 days) of the date scheduled for the 30 day limit.

    1. Check the date of the 30 day limit by going to Settings > Account > Computers and Devices. (NOTE: If you have an Xbox 360 with your Zune Pass, it will automatically reserve a spot for your 4 devices, so this doesn't list here, so you may only have to see 3 devices here - computers and/or phones).

    2. Close the Zune software, and go to [Windows Vista/7] Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Set the time and date. Or just right click on the clock on the lower right corner (or wherever your taskbar is) and click on Adjust date/time.

    3. Set the date a day or two ahead prior to the date of when the 30 day schedule ends. (eg. My 30 day is due on [dd/mm/yy] 16/07/12, adjust the date to 17/07/12). Click Apply, then OK.

    4. Start the Zune software, wait for it to sign-in (if its automatic), or sign in to your account manually if not. Go to Settings > Account > Computers and Devices, and this is where the magic happens.

    5. Click Remove on the device you want to revoke use of your Zune Pass and it will override the server as your Zune Pass account uses your computers date and time settings. Click OK, and close the Zune software.

    6. Put back the appropriate date settings on your computer.

    Well that's basically it. Now you have 1 more slot available. If you want to add a computer, you will have to play a DRM song you downloaded from Zune Marketplace on the computer you want to use the Zune Pass with. If you want to add a phone, you will have to use your Live ID with Zune Pass as the primary account, and download a song from Zune Marketplace.

    NOTE: You will not be able to do this trick again once it re-assigns another 30 day period. This will occur when you register a device to take use of your Zune Pass. So if you've registered a device on 17/07/12, this trick will not work for 2 weeks as the date is off for at least a month. So because of this the server will not allow you to sign-in to your account.
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    This is a cool trick thanks for posting it. Did you know? If you contact Zune CS via there on line chat they will remove devices for you before the 30 day deadline. I have done this on several occasions dew to me switching devices repairs replacements etc...

    More information in this thread:

    Yours is a great trick if you only need to remove one device but like in my case I had several devices on my Zune pass that I needed removed. Zune CS was happy to help.
    07-14-2012 07:51 AM
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    Good tip - However thanks Dave for your tip also of contacting support - I got in to a live chat and within 2 minutes they had removed 3 of my requested devices! Awesome support from Microsoft!!
    07-17-2012 05:04 PM