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    I have a phone running WP 7.5 and use it for listening to a lot of podcasts. The Zune software allows me to pick up podcasts as long as they have an RSS feed, which most do. The other day I came across a podcast that was only available in itunes or by direct download from the website, no RSS feed. This is where the problems started.

    I was able to download the podcasts directly from the website and they were in mp3 file format. I created a folder in my Zune podcast folder and placed the podcasts in there expecting Zune to pick them up – no dice.

    To get this podcast to be recognised by the Zune software I had to edit the metadata of each podcast episode (only 2 at this stage). To do this I used Audacity software following the following steps (in Audacity).

    Open metadata editor...
    Under “Genre” type in Podcast
    Click on Add then OK
    Then File Export - select file type MP3 and save in a new Zune podcast folder (the one that you have set up Zune to find podcasts).
    It should now show up in Zune under podcasts.

    It is a very painful way of doing things I liked my old mp3 player which used simple drag and drop. This Zune software coupled with Win Phone 7.5 are a disaster.

    Microsoft should introduce an alternative drag and drop system. It is much simpler to manage.

    If someone has an easier way to do this I would love to know.
    08-30-2012 11:19 PM
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    Thank you v. much. Never used podcasts before so would never have guessed you had to change the Genre for it to be picked up by Zune. Really wasn't looking forward to putting the file in my main music collection as i've organized it painstakingly to the verge of being OCD!
    11-30-2012 10:06 AM

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