1. coffeemike's Avatar
    Okay, gang, I couldn't decide where to put it, so I'm starting this thread here.

    Which service should I subscribe to - XBox Music Pass or Nokia Music+? (Or Spotify, or ...)

    I run a hybrid house - a Macbook, an XBox, an Apple TV, a Lumia 900, a Surface with Windows RT, an iPod touch, and an iPad.

    The more ubiquitous, for a price, the better. However, Music+ is priced aggressively enough - does it have a deep enough catalog of weird things to keep me coming back?


    Thanks in advance,
    02-22-2013 09:15 AM
  2. Madeye234's Avatar
    For me price is going to win out, Nokia Music is looking very attractive and I love the updated cover art and background. It has enough songs and variety to keep me going. Mixing is nice and also saving to download offline is a great feature. Although based on having so many different devices, Spotify would be your best bet, its on all devices.
    02-22-2013 10:15 AM
  3. Crakeur's Avatar
    nokia music loads incredibly slow on my phone (822). I don't have the nokia pay service so I don't know if it's faster. I use xbox and it has all kinds of problems as well. Dupes of songs (and large multiples) make shuffle screwy because the random songs are more likely to be the multiples so you wind up listening to the same songs with frightening frequency. Also, if you have a zune account and didn't upgrade to windows 8 on the pc, many songs show as "in collection" on the phone, even though they are not playable on the phone unless you buy them
    03-02-2013 01:02 PM

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