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    For anyone who uses Music Pass Microsoft has changed the marketplace search for music feature recently (sometime since Sat, Feb 24th).

    Before you could enter your song or artist and tap enter and the results list under the artist link would include the artists albums and tapping on a link would open the track listing. Now it just lists the artists link then all the rest of the links are for OTHER artists that cover that artist and various karaoke crap. This change also does away with the list of tracks feature. For example, before when you tapped on one of the album links in the list; that albums list of tracks would appear and you could tap on whatever track you wished to listen to and then hit the back icon on the phone to go back to the track listing to listen to another track down or up the track listing. Now when you have to tap on the artist link you get the albums of the artist and once you tap on it it just starts playing the first track and you have to keep tapping on the arrow icon to find the track you want to listen to - very poor way to get to the song you want to hear IF you can remember where it appears on the album.

    My question is why is MS making the experience of using WP worse with each change instead of improving the experience? This is just the latest change they have made to the platform that makes the software more irritating to use and leaves me less likely to recommend WP to friends and family. I KNOW for sure that anyone that is into music I will actually steer them away from Xbox Music Pass in light of all the features MS have deleted/changed recently.
    02-28-2013 09:11 PM

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