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    Hello everybody!

    I made the switch from iTunes to Xbox Music a couple of months ago and have overall been fairly happy with it. It's definitely not perfect, but I do really like having all my music available on all Windows 8 devices at all times, and do believe this works very well. I have run into something rather annoying though. One of the main reasons I made the switch was to avoid having music fill up the limited storage space on my Lumia 925, therefore I have my entire music collection downloaded only to my laptop and only stream it to my Surface tablet and phone. However, if I discover some new music on my phone and want to add it to my collection, it also downloads the track to my phone, slowly filling up the space with new additions to the collection. I'd rather it was just added to the cloud collection and then later downloaded to my laptop.

    So, is there any way to add music to my cloud collection, from my phone, without downloading it as well?

    Hope you can help me out! Thanks! ;)
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    01-11-2014 12:04 PM
  2. Jack Janik's Avatar
    I'm honestly not sure. :/
    01-11-2014 06:46 PM

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