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    Hi everyone.
    I am switching to W8 and WP after many years of Apple, iPhone and iTunes. I thought I would need to have the best devices to compete with a ecosystem that, well, basically works like Apple's. I got a Surface Pro, a Lumia 1520 and a Xbox One.
    I love many things of this switching, but in terms of music and videos it has been quite a pain.
    1.- When I opened Music app in W8, I assumed it was going to import all of my 10k songs the same way iTunes used to do. Correct tag, correct album art. Of course, it did not and everything was a mess. I lost 90% of my cover art and I had to use at least three pieces of software to correct that (MP3tag, MusicBee to replace iTunes, Taghycardia). After weeks, I had everything as I wanted and I subscribed to Xbox Music to stream my music over my devices.
    Uploading started and it only uploaded 1700 songs of my 10k for no reason. I know it would take a while to upload all of them, I am experienced on that, but it has definitively stopped and I have a full Xbox Music account. I have restarted my Surface hundreds of time to see whether it would continue uploading, but it just won't. Any ideas?

    2.- Music in Xbox Music app in my Lumia won't show all the cover art while it does in Music + Videos app (are not both apps redundant? It is confusing). Nokia MixRadio will also show cover art.

    3.- Despite I have set up Xbox Music not to update cover art and metafiles, it did. So, some of the album title of the few songs it uploaded to the cloud are not the same I have in my hard disk.

    I am very upset and it is very frustrating. What I am doing wrong? How can I reset everything uploaded so far in Xbox Music and start over? Why the uploading process stops when I turn off the Surface? Does the uploading process work in background?

    Sorry if my mail is a bit messy, but this is exactly how I feel now.

    Many thanks.

    01-14-2014 03:56 PM
  2. donovan1983's Avatar
    In my opinion, and to be rather blunt, Xbox Music on both Windows 8(.1) and Windows Phone 8 is terrible. You aren't doing anything wrong, it's just that the programs work poorly and not at all the way you'd expect.

    1. Xbox Music merely attempts to match the music it finds in your library with what is available for streaming in the Xbox Music service and adds it to your cloud collection. If it isn't in the Xbox Music streaming service then you have to manually copy the music to whatever device you want to use it on. It will not upload your music to the cloud.

    2. The Xbox Music Windows Phone app has major issues with cover art. It may be better to just use either the built-in app or Nokia MixRadio if you need your album art. I found the Xbox Music app to be very slow as well so I stuck with the built-in one.

    3. Sounds like you are experiencing the cloud matching that Xbox Music does. The tracks you've found that incorrect info for are probably some of the few it actually found a match for in the cloud. Your original files should be untouched.
    01-14-2014 04:17 PM
  3. ultrariver's Avatar
    Thank you Donovan. I assume I need to switch to another cloud music ecosystem for the time being, compatible with my Lumia and my Surface, until MS will release something that works in sync.
    I have tried Google, mycloudmusic...any others?
    01-15-2014 04:33 PM

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