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    There are multiple threads with multiple comments, complaints and some praises of XBOX Music. For me, I've been with it since DAY ONE with WP8 and long before that with Zune and then ZuneHD.

    I am currently running WP8.1 DP and yes, it is a preview but I feel that XBOX Music has been in preview, beta, heck at times Alpha for a long time.

    Currently, the Windows 8.1 music app is just too quirky to enjoy. I for one, would rather have a phone with a lot of storage and keep my music local. OK, so I only have 32GB on my Lumia Icon, so I deal with a little storage. So, I go to delete some downloaded music and it says it will delete from my phone AND cloud. Why? I just want it off my phone but still in my cloud collection. Well, I deleted anyway and while I've yet to see any evidence it of it in my cloud collection, I still think it may get removed once things sync up.

    So, I try to live with "cloud" music. I went into my Surface Pro 2, which ONLY has streaming cloud collection and I delete a ton of music I don't want in the "collection" anymore. I get to my work PC, load up XBOX Music app (again, just streaming music) and it takes 3-4 hours to finally update.

    If I purchase music from XBOX Music, sometimes between the desktop app and the phone app, it doesn't know if I purchased it or not. I have it set to download only on my main PC.

    As a Windows Media Center enthusiast, I can still stream Zune DRM music to Media Center but not XBOX Music DRM music. This is something I will miss once they finally retire the Zune Player.

    I've been unfairly based in these forums for commenting about the 1000 song playlist limit but I never had this problem before XBOX Music. Plus as mentioned, the new XBOX Music WP 8.1 app is horrible at shuffling. To be fair, adding these playlists to now playing on the desktop app and then shuffling works GREAT.

    I have several albums with no matches in the XBOX Music store, and thus, they can't be placed in the cloud. I would really like to see manual cloud entry of music. If I am not mistaken, Google Music didn't have this problem.

    All of these quirks are making me rethink my entire music collection. For now, my phone only has two albums on it locally (synced with the desktop Windows Phone App) since I have no match for them in the cloud and the rest is cloud. Luckily, I still have unlimited data and I generally hop on wi-fi still. With this day and age of limited data, cloud based music doesn't make much since if you are mobile and we need better solutions (and more storage options) for our phones to download music.

    This wasn't intended to be a rant...just frustrated but still hopeful for a working solution. I guess I'll trust Joe Belfiore that good improvements are coming every 2 weeks.
    05-05-2014 10:35 AM

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