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    This is going to be a long one ... I apologize in advance!!

    I know that most people agree that the Xbox Music App on WP 8.1 a mess, but I haven't seen anyone report a couple of the things I'm experiencing so I wanted to know if there's a way of fixing them.

    Phone: Nokia Lumia 920 running WP 8.1 Preview for Developers
    Computers: Macbook Pro and Surface Pro (first generation)
    Music Apps: iTunes on Mac, iTunes on Surface, Xbox Music on Surface and 920

    For my music I've always used iTunes on my Mac. I have synced my 920 with my Mac using the Windows Phone for Mac app, but it always tells me that there is music that couldn't be loaded due to DRM issues. I'm sure that there is SOME music that is not DRM free, but I know that there are many that ARE DRM free and don't sync (.m4a, .mp3 ... all supported file formats). This happened before 8.1 and continues to happen.

    When I'd decided to move to Windows Phone full time, I used iTunes Match on my Surface Pro to get all of my music from my Mac streamed onto my Surface. I then downloaded the music to my Surface. I attempted to then have Xbox Music on my Surface import my playlists, etc. from iTunes. It more or less worked, but there is a lot of music that it says it can't play. It doesn't always even give a reason. I'd purchased an Xbox Music Pass before doing all of this so that I'd be able to have my music everywhere. This doesn't seem to work correctly, though.

    On the Internet "app" (music.xbox.com) and the app on my Surface, I can't play a lot of music that I CAN play on my phone. For example, I downloaded a song via a torrent because it wasn't available in any US stores and iTunes plays it fine, but Xbox Music on the Internet (via Chrome, IE8 at work, IE app on my Surface, Safari), on my Surface and the NEW Music app for WP8.1 canNOT play it. The old Xbox Music app (the shortcut app to the old app in Windows Phone) DOES play the song without issue. Is this just me?? Or do others have this issue too?

    Also, my playlists have duplicated, seemingly on their own ... each with the same name and "... (1), (2), etc." at the end. There is also one random song that has been added MANY times to ALL of my playlists. Anyone else??

    I'm quite annoyed that I payed for an Xbox Music Pass in order to just have everything everywhere, but I really don't feel I'm getting what I paid for. If they ever fix the music app, I think they should give 6 months free (more or less, depending on how long it takes to get the new app) to those that have purchased a music pass!

    Any fixes or ideas for these issues?? Or do I just have to wait until the new one comes out and continue using my ancient iPod for music?

    Thanks and I apologize for the length! I just wanted to be sure that all the info was there!
    05-06-2014 04:18 AM

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