1. rponting's Avatar
    I tried buying a game last week through my hdfc debit card. But the thing is microsoft accepts only credit cards. So i created a virtual credit card from hdfc website but the store still wont accept it. Has anyone tried buying stuff without using a credit card on the store? Is credit card really necessary or there are other ways to download stuff on the store? Please help. Thanks in advance
    05-20-2014 11:11 PM
  2. Firebolt501's Avatar
    I have the same problem you mentioned.. i don't have credit card.. It would be really helpful if there is another way of buying stuffs off stores..
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    05-21-2014 01:38 AM
  3. rponting's Avatar
    I hope so... Microsoft should do something about this.. Not everyone has credit cards in a country like India..
    05-21-2014 03:04 AM
  4. umesh gawde's Avatar
    I have always bought apps using my debit card.It mentions credit card but you can use your debit card too.
    05-21-2014 03:12 AM
  5. rponting's Avatar
    Which bank do you have your account in? It wont accept my SBI and HDFC bank debit cards....
    05-21-2014 04:07 AM
  6. Kalyan Chowdary's Avatar
    Store not accepting my sbi and citi bank cards....
    So I bought Microsoft gift card from eBay US and had changed country from India to US and using the store...
    Of course using Cortana...
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    05-21-2014 04:23 AM

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