1. Orlok1138's Avatar
    I'm not getting notifications anymore and I don't have them turned off in the settings menu. Anyway my question is. Does this game save on a server? I'm thinking about deleting and reinstalling, because the notifications worked fine the last two days. I just don't want to start over.
    09-20-2014 10:03 AM
  2. Dratwister's Avatar
    AoECS saves and sync game progress via Xbox and it requires internet connection constantly to play game (at least with mine). So it'd be fine for you to uninstall and reinstall it on your phone
    09-20-2014 11:12 AM
  3. Orlok1138's Avatar
    Unfortunately this did not fix the problem.
    09-20-2014 01:30 PM
  4. monotheist's Avatar
    Is anyone else getting Error connecting to server since the past half an hour or so. Is there a site where we can see the server status for AOE CS?
    09-21-2014 12:47 AM
  5. Reflexx's Avatar
    I think it's down. I can't connect either
    09-21-2014 12:54 AM
  6. Darth litku's Avatar
    I can't connect either...
    09-21-2014 12:56 AM
  7. Orlok1138's Avatar
    Same, error for an hour now
    09-21-2014 01:26 AM
  8. Nathan Abriol's Avatar
    I can't connect the game for over an hour
    09-21-2014 01:30 AM
  9. mizkie101's Avatar
    The server might be down at the moment :(
    09-21-2014 01:31 AM

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