1. gbafam's Avatar
    I am not a power user of music apps, but with my new surface pro 3 I decided to experiment with the xbox music app. (I've been gradually moving to more and more MS products just for convenience). It seems to be reasonably usable but I don't see any way to sort albums/songs by genre. Can that possibly be the case? Isn't that a function that any music app should have? Or am I missing some easy way to do this?
    10-25-2014 07:34 PM
  2. gbafam's Avatar
    I've been able to answer at least part of the question I raised earlier. As it happens, if you go to the top row where albums, artists and songs are lined up, the last column on that row has "by date added" but the drop down menu includes genre and it looks like the app will pick up previously assigned genres. So far so good. There doesn't, however, seem to be any obvious way to edit the meta data which would include, of course, creating/adding/amending/correcting genre assignments. Any suggestions on that more technical point?
    10-26-2014 12:09 AM
  3. RTGent's Avatar
    I can only suggest downloading the Zune software. I run that on my PC and SP 2, and I can right-click on tracks or albums and select "Edit" to revise any of several tags in very nice, clear respective popup windows. You can also select multiple tracks to edit.

    I do run XBM some on an RT, but I've never edited on that.
    10-29-2014 06:56 PM
  4. ca_guri's Avatar
    Please give the link for downloading the Zune.....
    10-30-2014 02:11 AM
  5. RTGent's Avatar
    Just enter Zune in a Bing search box and see first Microsoft link.

    Ok, ok.... in case after a week, you're still in need: Download Zune Software 4.8 from Official Microsoft Download Center

    Best, and enjoy the music!
    11-06-2014 04:20 PM

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