1. Timoteus Hansen's Avatar
    Why can't I download any apps on the store with both wifi or mobile data. It always shows "downloading x mb" but the bar wont change, it keeps empty for even hours. However, I still can update apps, but cant download a new one.
    Screenshot: https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/v/t34.0-12/10937561_10203305370626324_62102715_n.jpg?oh=e738c77952ab8551b1d0522b9957d1c3&oe=54BDA1D3&__gda__=1421728579_326d81171261b738eec4203960d55687
    01-18-2015 08:38 AM
  2. vmnoodle71's Avatar
    have you tried logging out from Live Account and logging in again ?
    03-17-2015 11:56 PM

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