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    So although Xbox Music is not available for streaming in my country (Trinidad & Tobago), they (Microsoft) still allowed us to at least purchase songs. Up until today, every song I purchased through Xbox Music, will be available to me on which ever device I'm using, as long as I log in with my Microsoft account. But today I realized something strange... some of my "purchased" songs are missing. So I fired up my web browser and check it online.. When I try to play the song, i get this message stating This album is unavailable for listening at the request of the copyright holder. Were doing our best to make it available to you. WTH? Wait a minute.. I bought that song! I use my hard earned cash to buy that song... How is it now that I can't access it? How can the copyright holder deny me from listening to it, now? Do I get any refunds on the money I spent? Anyone else experienced this?
    03-05-2015 05:51 AM
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    There could be a couple reasons for this, such as Microsoft's own offering for that music changing (Microsoft can't delete a file on your phone, but they can remove the ability to download the file again).

    Additionally, the song's copywriter holders may have modified or terminated Microsoft's own licensing (which isn't something Microsoft can do anything about, to be honest--artists are allowed to pull their songs within the terms of their contract). This has happened to one or two songs I purchased in the past.

    However, you're not completely out of luck--if you call Xbox Music support, and explain, I find they're extremely willing to refund you a purchase (or direct you towards where you CAN download the song, but a refund is more likely). You'll need to have the credit card you purchased it with, since that's how MS credits you, but I've gotten plenty of refunds for double-purchased songs, songs no longer available, etc.

    If the song copywrite holder pulled the song from the store, there's nothing you or MS can do--but MS can, and almost certainly will, give you a refund.
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    03-05-2015 09:11 AM
  3. RTGent's Avatar
    I'm on the original 10-credits, 6-devices plan, and I've never had any issue with purchased music. I've purchased downloaded music with credits and through my account. I always check prior to cashing credits that the music is still available, or that there isn't a superior version, such as a re-mastered edition. If a track/version is no longer available (usually, but not always, the whole album), I get an error message and won't be able to effect a purchase.

    I have 3 Zune players, two of which I sync regularly with Zune on my PC. I have downloaded tons of music over the years, a tiny fraction of which is no longer available on XBM. YET, such music still plays fine on my PC, continually renews all its rights along with the rest of the Collection, and syncs with and plays on my Zune HD64. My Zune 80, on the other hand, stopped syncing normally last year and had to be reset to factory original. Since it recovered, the 80 syncs and plays fine, but music that was/is no longer available (again, though still residing and renewing on the PC) does not sync with the 80. I have been able to replace some of the music where it's a matter of another version being available; but where it is no longer available, somehow it "knows", reads, or whatever, and does not sync, so I do not have such albums/tracks on the 80.

    That is my experience. Again, never any issue with purchased music on any device. Good luck resolving your issue.
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    03-05-2015 06:47 PM

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