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    So last night I decided to let Zune replace all my Metadata. My Music was already on OneDrive, so any changes I made in Zune would appear on OneDrive. However, I woke up this morning and checked the status of OneDrive Sync and it appears Zune makes a copy of the song before replacing said Data. So, as luck would have it, that new song would sync to OneDrive which would in turn sync back to Zune, which created songs with multiple copies. I mean multiples, the biggest I've found is one with 17 copies. To put it in perspective, my music collection is 19GB, but this morning it was 34 GB.

    In other words, if I had not stopped the syncing process, this would probably have been an infinite loop, creating infinite copies of my music. So to you dear reader, I say fix your music before uploading it. Give it a couple of days to figure itself out or you'll be like me having to spend a few days here and there deleting multiples and re-uploading your music. Not too certain of how this would work with XBM. I know that it checked my offline and OneDrive folder the time I did use it and fixed itself. But it would behoove you to let XBM make any changes before uploading to OneDrive.

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