1. Gaurang Rangpadiya's Avatar
    I have near about 2000 sound tracks downloaded form MixRadio. It works very well and shows Albums, Album art, Artist and all other properties are shown properly on my Lumia. But when I copy entire music collection to PC, all the property is messed up. In computer it does not show music according to Album-artist and Genre. this heppens with every PC I tried (4 PCs with different Windows OSs). After coping to PC it is no longer transfferable to any other device. If I remove SD card and put to any other phone it works fine. My entire music collection is trapped inside a SD card. I am always worrid that if something heppens to my SD card what would happen to my music.

    I want to enjoy my music completely on My PC as well. what should I do? I also tried to ask helpline in India but they replied "This will heppen with every PC". Please help me.

    Microsoft has given opetion to upload to OneDrive but ability to upload from phone is possible or not I do not know and still this features is not available in India.
    04-02-2015 05:06 AM
  2. Jose_Rey's Avatar
    Are these songs in MP3 format? If not, then they are probably DRMed and can't be copied. If they are MP3, is whatever program you're using setup to replace album, artist, info? Most are setup like this by default. Make sure to turn the option off in the settings.
    04-02-2015 03:53 PM

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