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    Have a paid Music Pass subscription but recently both on my tablet and my phone the Music Store did not recognize my account, even though both were signed in properly. Instead, streaming songs from store were only 20 to 30 second previews, as would only allow if I did not have a subscription.

    I wasn't able to find a match for this problem or a solution on WindowsCentral forum, so even though I resolved it, I though to share for anyone else who runs into a similar problem:

    Tablet: the issue was with signing in, and the App Repair tool fixed it, per this help thread: My windows 8 music won't sign in - Microsoft Community

    Lumia Icon phone: tried hard reboot and playing around with the online account link. Tried turning on/off streaming, nothing worked. Finally called MS phone support (1 min hold only!). They asked me to sync my phone MS account (settings/email+accounts/sync) but that didn't work. So they eventually /deleted my subscription and started a new one, hoping that it would reset. After more syncing and reboots it still didn't work so Support told me to run a hard reset.

    Hated that idea, since it would mean setting up everything the way I like it again, so I sat on it. After another day it was still not streaming, so I tried the settings/email+account/sync again, and .. voila, got it!

    So it seems that the syncing of the account just took some time? Or maybe canceling and restarting the subscription did it. Can't say, but I hope that if someone else runs into the problem this helps. MS Support was great.
    04-21-2015 09:26 AM
  2. jockopablo's Avatar
    I had the same problem when I purchased the subscription. I rebooted my phone and it started working. I don't know if the reboot fixed it or if that was a coincidence and it just took some time for the subscription to register.
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    04-29-2015 11:20 AM

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