1. hillblade1889's Avatar
    Hi all

    When will a proper version of Periscope (I know there is Telescope but pretty poor) or Meerkat be available to windows users. I love my Lumia but seems we are the last to get anything
    05-11-2015 06:48 AM
  2. Jas00555's Avatar
    I wouldn't count on Meerkat. It's not even on Android at this point, just iOS. For more accurate info, try to contact the developers.
    hillblade1889 likes this.
    05-11-2015 10:25 PM
  3. Rakesh Rocky2's Avatar
    Or use telescope app till then... Hopefully this trend changes after win 10
    hillblade1889 likes this.
    05-11-2015 10:46 PM

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