1. UchilHasmit's Avatar
    If I'm not wrong, the latest update brought a feature to manually refresh whenever we like. Couldn't find anything in the settings? :(
    05-17-2015 02:37 AM
  2. AmGaD-SaLaH's Avatar
    It's there
    Go to Xbox Music Setting
    Bryon Burns likes this.
    05-17-2015 02:44 AM
  3. UchilHasmit's Avatar
    Oh lol.. Thanks..
    05-17-2015 06:33 AM
  4. AmGaD-SaLaH's Avatar
    Welcome mate. This only works for the online "OneDrive" Sync
    For music on your phone or SD card go to storage sense and music then manage.. And wait for a bit
    05-17-2015 06:50 AM

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