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    I've provided my Dad a Surface RT tablet for reading comic books on, and he loves it. He's using the "Comics" app by Comixology. All of the comics he's reading he's purchased through the service. I'm only interested in helping him purchase comics, no piracy option is acceptable to me. There are two problems he has with the status quo:

    - the app crashes and needs to be uninstalled/reinstalled periodically (perhaps once ever week or two)

    - even when he attempts to preload comic books in WiFi, the apps uses a lot of data when reading them; this is triggering a lot of mobile data usage when he's away from home (on a mobile WiFi hotspot device); the comics won't even work when he doesn't have an internet connection

    He can live with the first point, but the second point is a bigger problem. Does anyone know of a way to force the Comics by Comixology apps to entirely download the comics at home so that he has them when he leaves?

    I understand there are other comics apps that allow side-loading. Are there legal ways to purchase Marvel and other popular comics, without going to a store (so not interested in paper comics that come with a digital code), and side-loading them into a Windows 8.x app that works on RT?

    If there is an x86 Windows option that's superior to the RT options, I'm open to us having to purchase a new device if that's the best legal offline comics solution.
    05-17-2015 09:33 PM

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