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    I haven't update my office 2013 ever since i installed on my windows 8 laptop. My outlook mail has two mail accounts. the problem here is only the inbox folder that is open currently syncs actively while the other account's inbox doesn't get the new mails until i open it. its a big problem for me.I need to see my mails as and when someone sends it on my both the accounts. Someone suggested to remove the account and add it again, i did it several times but the problem comes back after a while. and i read somewhere that recent outlook updates will fix this issue.

    So i thought before i try anything else I will update my outlook to make it more stable hoping that it might as well solve the problem.Right now I am on a limited internet plan so i don't want to download office 2013 service pack 1, besides i just want to update my outlook alone.There are several outlook updates available on MS download center( are they parts of SP1? or they are different updates?) if I can install these outlook updates to fix my syncing issue which one should i download?( there are about 10-15 updates,starting from 2013-15 but all says V.1),or should i install all of them? (which will be twice as big as sp1), downloading all these updates are also impossible now for the same reason.

    So decided to check for windows 8 updates from control panel so from there i can just select outlook alone and update it but when i checked for updates it kept checkinggggggg for ages!!! (more than 2hours) and finally failed (by the way why does it take so much time to check for updates?). just checking for updates alone wasted almost half of my data . So this seems a total waste and I am not going to try again. If you guys could help me,

    - 1.what is the best way to get the latest updates for my outlook 2013 ?
    -2. is there anything else i can do to fix that mail syncing issue?

    thank you.
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    06-13-2015 02:40 PM
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    Unfortunately Office 2013 programs are all or nothing. It is not possible to install or update Outlook alone, without installing or updating the rest of Office.

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    06-13-2015 03:11 PM
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    ok i will install office 2013 service pack 1 then. Thanks. but why there are several office outlook updates (like KB2850061) available at the download center? what are they for?
    06-13-2015 03:29 PM

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