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    I am running the Xbox music app on a Microsoft Surface 3 Pro with 8.1. I have a relatively slow internet connection, but it is still manageable. My problem is this - I was trying to download a large amount of music onto my device from my online subscription through the app. The problem arose when 1) The app stopped downloading in the background and only would download when the app was open and then 2) it stopped downloading all together. So 3) I am stuck with the app saying "so many songs are downloading," except they aren't ... I'd like to restart or manage the downloads, but there appears to be NO WAY to access the little download ribbon that appears in the top right of the app - is there no way to access the queue in this app??? Please help - and NOTE - other apps are working and downloading, it is not a wife/internet problem.
    07-20-2015 08:26 PM

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