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    Thought I would get in first with that thread title

    Having upgraded to 10 on all my devices (Xbox One still outstanding) and over the last few weeks changed some devices around, I thought it was time for a spring clean of my Groove related music collection.

    I had been a reasonably happy Xbox Music user, although I do accept there are still problems. But over the last year or so I had made some mistakes on how I handled music and I would have at times, say three more albums on one device and two less on another, and that sort of thing bugs me. This was mainly down to dumping 100 local albums over to the devices in one go rather than being subtle and taking it a couple of albums at a time and letting Xbox Music catch up. Also there were some albums I didn't actually want on every device so it really started to bug me.

    So having a week off gave me spare time. I started by deleting all my albums in OneDrive in one go (Also a mistake). Then I tackled local music on each remaining device (Including 1520 now on W10).

    So in theory I was left with an identical number of Groove music on each device (How wrong can you be), and it is a real pain to sort out the oddities going down the list looking for odd albums and it isn't made any easier on how three PC's and a phone can spell so different, with Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac being classed as P or F on different devices.

    So I deleted a few odd ones and then re-added them to my collection and finally got to a stable couple of hundred albums that was showing up on every device (Desktop, Surface Pro 3, Stream 7, 1520 and Xbox One).

    But then something odd started happening, fourteen (Just fourteen and always the same ones) albums that had been in OneDrive kept on turning up one at a time after a night of sleep and all fourteen back again after many deletes (And One Drive was showing empty of music) I got fed up and reset OneDrive on each PC device (The phone and Xbox only showed them once), unfortunately this had implications for how I was working with OneDrive each device until MS gets it's act together and sorts out OneDrive and placeholders. I can only assume OneDrive and Groove managed to get a bit stoned but finally came round.

    So finally I was back to where I was 24 hours before with a stable collection that only consisted of Music pass music. So I went through my entire local music collection and where ever possible replaced it all with music pass stuff that was either the same or in some cases better albums.

    I also managed to replace the full 8 Led Zeppelin albums, I admit two of them were "Deluxe re-mastered versions" but at the moment and for me, I could download the entire LZ catalogue using my music pass

    I did the same for Pink Floyd, Genesis, Deep Purple and some of the other bigger collections I have

    So I am now down to the dregs namely The Beatles, King Crimson and a couple of others that are not available on the music pass and I put 20 albums into OneDrive. After the HP Stream 7 taking ages to catch up I can now say I have the same 300+album music collection across all devices, and it's all the same stuff, honest

    Who said the digital age would take away the endless pleasure of organising and cataloguing our precious music collections, OK it wasn't the same as lining up 12 inch album gatefolds, cassette tapes, open reel tapes or even CD's, but as a technical challenge its probably harder so ten times the fun

    PS I don't consider Coda to be a full member of the Led Zeppelin back catalogue although I do have that and the BBC sessions album along with the main 8 albums.

    PPS My Beatles collection is from Rubber Soul onwards.

    PPPS Only two albums don't show album art and that is King Crimson and Let it be Naked and that is because they just don't exist in Groove/Xbox Music, so I will sort them out when I have another weeks SPARE holiday (Off to the Isle of Wight next week for a rest, although I will take my Stream and 1520).

    PPPPSSSSSS Resetting OneDrive is fairly painless but you do it at your own risk, just call up RUN and type in %localappdata%\Microsoft\Onedrive\Onedrive.exe..............................

    You can search for this yourselves, not having you blame me for screwing up your systems
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